“Decorating is fun!” “Decorating is a headache!” “Decorating is a hobby.” “Decorating is a nightmare.”

CollectionOver the last decade, Cathy Shannon and her design team have been adorning Gainesville’s homes with the most extraordinary decorating. The Shannon team knows that decorating is more than buying a sofa, a bed or some drapes…decorating involves ALL aspects of lighting, texture, and color by adding furnishings, lamps, window treatments, art and accessories, your space can become the intimate retreat that you desire.

If you’re a do-it-yourself type who wants to develop a color scheme, choose every furnishing, and oversee the decorating process, the Shannon team will work as your personal assistants, helping you find and order the furnishings and accessories that complete your inspiration. However, if you’re busy, tired, or simply not a do-it-yourself decorator, then the Shannon team will lead the way. We can help you with the selection of flooring, cabinetry and paint colors if you need to face lift your current space. Then we can assist you with the selection of furnishings and accessories to complete your project.